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Centre for Development of Non-Profit Sector (CRNPS) is a voluntary, independent, non-government and non-profit association of citizens founded for accomplishment of goals in the area of development of civil society and non-profit sector in Serbia, protection and promotion of human and minority rights, education, information, social care and battle against corruption.

Goals of the Centre are: research and provision of conditions for development and improvement of status and capacity of non-profit, voluntary, non-governmental organisations by collection and distribution of information, education and other types of expert assistance, promotion of importance and work of civil society organisation, as well as public advocacy for provision of fair legal and other conditions for development of civil society and non-profit sector in our country.



1) Information-documentation programme – creation and maintenance of database on non-governmental and non-profit organisations in Serbia and its publishing; provision of contact-information and other information to these organisations and other interested subjects;

2) Training and education programme – organisation of expert and education events, round tables, seminars, public debates and other forms of education and expert improvement in the area; publishing of brochures and instructions of use for the improvement of activities of non-governmental organisations;

3) Programme of representation and direct assistance in the work of non-governmental and non-profit organisations – advocacy, in cooperation with other organisations of interests of the third sector, stimulation and promotion of the work and importance of non-governmental organisations that call for such assistance; provision of legal advice to citizens and organisation related to establishment, registration and activities of such organisations; monitoring of legislative motions in the areas bearing influence on the work of non-governmental organisations; monitoring of implementation of regulation by the relevant bodies of state; stimulation and organisation of research work dealing with non-governmental and non-profit sector in our country.

4) Public relations programme – representation of interests of non-governmental organisations in public and development of active relations between non-governmental organisations and media and public actions; collection and distribution of information; publishing of information on activities of non-governmental organisations on the Internet; support to media in their coverage of work of non-governmental organisations.

5) Civil oversight of public finances programme – stimulation of citizens’ participation in the monitoring and implementation of public policies, fulfilment of public interest and monitoring of public finances;

6) Other programmes and activities important for improvement and work of non-governmental and non-profit organisations in our country and for connection and cooperation with similar organisations abroad and international organisations.



You can see the Centre’s Statute here.


The Centre is member of:

•    ORPHEUS Network – network of centres for NGOs and civil society development in Central and Eastern Europe, active within the framework of European Foundation Centre.
•    Coalition for Monitoring of Municipal Budgets, established in 2005, which grew into the Coalition for Monitoring of Public Finances.
•    Regional Anti-Corruption Platform (Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia)
•    FENS
•    Balkan Forum


Centre is financed from donations.

Centre’s projects have been supported by:

  • Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
  • European Commission
  • Fund for an Open Society
  • Freedom House
  • German Marshal Fund of the United States
  • Netherlands Embassy
  • Open Society Institute – New York, (USA)
  • Embassy of Canada
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Know How Fund (Great Britain)
  • International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)
  • The International Centre for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL)
  • International Olof Palme Centre/SIDA (Sweden)
  • UNDP
  • Yurope Online Communications, California (USA)
  • Balkan Community Initiative Fund (BCIF)
  • Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC)


The Centre’s staff comprises the following employees:

Apart from the employees, depending on type and scope of certain projects, different associates are being engaged.


  • Danilo Milić, President
  • Cvijetin Milivojević
  • Olivera Kovačević
  • Tamara Lukšić Orlandić
  • Zoran M. Marković

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